Child Passenger Safety

Looking to have a Car Seat Checked?

There are a few things you should know before you meet with a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). This isn’t like getting an oil change on your car, where you leave the car and go do something else. Working with a CPST will be a one-on-one learning experience. When you leave, you should feel confident about the installation and feel comfortable re-installing it on your own. Our seat check listings are Agency-Hosted Events or "By Appointment-Only" options. (No drop-in service.) Scroll down for listings.


Check-up events are hosted on a first-come, first-served basis and are primarily staffed with community volunteers. Each car seat check takes about 30 minutes - multiple seats require additional time. Expect a wait when cars are lined up. Metro-area events are well attended and may fill up to capacity prior to posted end time. All check-up events are tentative due to weather.

Plan to Participate: It is helpful to install your car seat to the best of your ability BEFORE the event. Please bring car seat instructions and vehicle owner's manual. Know your child's height and weight, and bring them if possible. You may want to bring another adult along to help watch your child. Be prepared to learn, not just watch the CPS technician install the car seat. They are trained to teach you.

Plan Ahead: It is recommended that expectant parents have car seat(s) checked two to three months priorto due date*. *If you cannot make it to an event or appointment, watch installation videos and do the best you can until you can get your car seat checked by a certified CPS technician.‚Äč

Click here to read more about what to expect during a car seat check.
Espere un evento de chequeo o visite a un Técnico de Seguridad de Niños como Pasajeros (CPS en inglés) para asegurarse de que los niños viajan completamente seguros.

A note about the Calendar and Resources on this page: All programs and events are coordinated by individual agencies. Please contact the hosting agency if you need additional information. Be sure to check for updates and cancellations prior to attending any event.


For general questions or additional information

Contact Oregon Impact Car Seat Safety Program

503-899-2220 or


For information on low income car seats or car seat check appointments:
Oregon Impact 503-899-2220
American Medical Response 971-409-5758
Doernbecher Children's Hospital 503-418-5666
Hillsboro Medical Center 503-418-5666
Randall Children's Hospital 503-413-4005 or
Forest Grove Fire & Rescue 503-992-3370 or
Special Needs car seat information:
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital provides no-cost special needs transportation evaluations. You will work with a Child Passenger Safety Technician who specializes in Special Needs Transportation and try various adaptive car seats to find a car seat that best fits your child(ren) and vehicle.  If your child(ren) is in need of an adaptive car seat evaluation/assistance due to positioning or behavior concerns, please call 503-494-3735.
Randall Children’s Hospital’s Injury Prevention Team is offering transportation evaluations for children and young adults in need of specialized car seats or restraint systems. For more information, please email to schedule an appointment.

By appointment only the following agencies are avaliable to show you how to correctly install and use your car seat.

Register Your Car Seat

NHTSA Fitting Station Locator

Can't make it to a car seat check-up event/clinic or appointment?

Until you have a chance to attend a check-up event/clinic or appointment, watch instructional videos online, and read through your car seat instructions to install the seat to the best of your ability until you can meet with a CPS Technician. You will need to consult your vehicle owner's manual as well. Contact the car seat manufacturer and/or vehicle manufacturer if further technical clarification is needed. Follow this link to view general videos on installation for each type of child safety seat. Be sure to also check your car seat manufacturer's website to see if there is an installation video for your specific seat. Then, plan to attend a check-up event or seat check appointment to be sure the seat is properly installed.


Guide to Conducting Child Passenger Safety Check-Up Events

Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Check Up Events are a valuable community resource designed to increase the percent of car seats used correctly; educate participants about safely transporting their children; evaluating all passengers under 13 years of age to make sure they ride safely; and to raise awareness of local, community traffic safety efforts.

This guide provides an overview of what is involved in hosting an event. It is designed for organizations interested in hosting an event and for Child Passenger Safety Technicians planning events.

Click here to download the Guide to Conducting Child Passenger Safety Check-Up Events.